Expert of Business critical web solutions.

Nearshore software development with local presence.


High quality and cost efficient software development

We have 20 years experience of the development of the state of the art software. We are not grown up yet and still are eager to learn new. By focusing on quality, adaption of innovative technologies and smooth processes we have always been able to full fill our customers challenging needs.

Custom software development
Our services include everything from business development to implementation and maintenance of the solution.
We provide innovative and high quality sub-contracting services for our customers.

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Custom Software Development

Expert of business critical solutions

Our services include everything from business development to implementation and maintenance of the solution. Over the years we have developed over hundred different solutions, such as ordering systems, contract management solutions, financial solutions and production systems. No matter what the business goal is, we are capable of creating a solution that makes it possible to achieve that. We want to do long term co-operation and we proof our skills every day.


Various leading software companies rely on our high quality software development services

We provide innovative and high quality sub-contracting services for our customers. Some of them have outsourced part of their product development to us or our developers can work as a part of customers team, remotely or onsite, depending on customers needs. If needed we integrate fully to our customers development processes. We are flexible and bring added value to our customers software development.


Expert of Microsoft Technologies

We are tech heads and have delivered hundreds of .NET projects to our customers. We continuously develop our skills and are eager to learn more. We always use the most suitable technologies and do never use the latest ones just because its cool to use them. For us it is critical that solutions we develop are usable and maintainable for years to come.


Expertise don't come over one night

We have delivered 100+ innovative solutions on various industries. Below are few examples.

SQL Server Sharepoint .NET Core Azure DevOps Telerik UI Libraries
Greip IP Solutions Oy
Greip IP Solutions Oy is the provider of award winning Greip intellectual property right management solution, which is used by thousands of intellectual property right professionals globally. Datium’s software developers joined Greip’s internal R&D team for speeding up the development of the next generation Greip solution, which is developed according to DevOps practises and latest Microsoft technologies.
O365 Sharepoint 2010/13 WCF TypeScript PowerShell ASP.NET MVC
HiQ Finland Oy

HiQ helps to make the world a better place by using technology and communication solutions to make people’s lives simpler. Founded in 1995, HiQ has currently has over 1600 specialists in five countries and is listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm MidCap list.

Datium has delivered HiQ software development services related to development of new solutions and maintaining and supporting of the existing ones.

ASP.NET MVC Azure Kendo UI MS SQL Server SQL Server Reporting Services
Filmex is Finnish actor’s copyright organization. Filmex negotiates copyright contracts, collects accordingly received royalties and settles them to actors.
Datium has implemented a cloud based solution to collect base data, calculate, settle and pay royalties connected to YLE (Finland’s national broadcasting company) archiving contract. The solution also takes care of required reporting and has interface to tax authorities. The solution makes possible to control complex calculations and verify diverse input data to provide transparent and reliable payments to actors. Solution is running on Azure and implemented with latest Microsoft technologies.
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Why Us?

We keep it simple and are guided by our well proven principles.
Our humble way of working leads to the most valuable asset we have - satisfied customers.

20 years of experience and still learning
We are a Finnish company. Operating according Finnish practises and managed Finnish way. During our 20 years of existence, we have delivered hundreds of projects to our customers, mainly in Finland.
Local Nearshore
We combine high quality, but low cost nearshore services with Finnish project management and digital business development skills. No communication breakdown, no management overhead, no efficiency loss. High quality code and low costs.
We do all, short, long, big and small projects. Delivery process and operational model is always tuned according to the project. We minimize the overhead of projects. Our flexible delivery contracts fit to customers specific needs.
Senior level staff
We don’t fail. That is because of our experienced senior level staff.


Reliable and flexible

Since 1999 Datium has delivered innovative software solutions to hundreds of customers.

Our success results from continuous learning and capability of adopting new technologies. New terminology comes and goes, but for us it is important that we create solutions that bring added value to our customers and are scalable for customers future needs.

The staff is our biggest asset and we have only top skilled senior level persons working. Depending on the project we may work at customer site or if it is more productive we may remotely.

  • University degree
  • Fluency in English or in Finnish
  • 5+ years experience of international software projects
  • 10+ years experience of software development

We are Microsofts Silver partner and our customers include companies such as Tieto Oyj, Digia Oyj, Knowit Oy, HiQ Finland Oy, Contribyte Oy, Codemen Oy, Aditro Oy, IF Oy and dozens of others.


Join the best

The staff is our biggest asset. It has always been and it always will.

We have an openminded working atmosphere where colleagues are supported and as a team we are able to deliver the state of the art solutions to our customers.

Each member of our team gets a freedom of making decisions and a lot of responsibility. We do our best in offering our developers projects, which would enable continuous learning.

We deliver successful projects and are proud of what we do.  

If you are interested in joining us, take a look at the open positions below or send your CV to:

Open Positions:

  • Senior .NET developer (St Petersburg, Russia)
  • Tester (St Petersburg, Russia)
  • Team Lead/.NET developer (Espoo, Finland)


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